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About Us

Smashing Bread caters to bringing you the best flavours across the Indian sub-continent. A class-apart caterer with professional and traditional culinary restaurant experience.

“Who we are is not important; but what we serve..”

Smashing Bread boasts the finest catering experience with top flavours from the region, served with great care and fondness by their impeccable staff. With oodles of attention towards service, plating, and luxury.

What do you need to have a delectable event?

Here’s what goes into having a spectacular evening: The Menu, Service, Venue and Atmosphere. Smashing Bread relentlessly works to bring these elemental variables together, paying attention right to the last detail, to take your occasion from special to memorable.

The Menu


The menu is tailored to suit your preferences and it’s specially personalised for the type of event that needs to be catered for.

They have food intricately designed for every occasion; be it any time of the day: Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner.  The menu is always tailored to fit your tastes and suit your celebration’s theme.

Smashing Bread caters to a melting pot of heritage and cosmopolitan cuisines.


Corporate Meal Box

corporate meal box sindh kitchen indiranagar food delivery 3
corporate meal box Sindh kitchen Indiranagar food delivery

Everyone needs a break from their routine schedules and mundane cafeterias.  Presenting exclusive corporate meal box packages cherry picked for our fast paced urban populous.

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    Smashing Bread brings to you a corporate meal box made from traditional recipes and infused with delightful zesty flavours. Fresh, crisp ingredients go into preparing every iconic dish, bringing you the best flavours of the region and from across the world too.

    The menu changes every single day! Each day’s menu is carefully hand picked to ensure that no flavours are repeated. These lip smacking corporate meal boxes are sure to add tons of goodness to your day to make it brighter.


    Samelkara Home cooked meals
    Samelkara Home cooked meals

    Samelkara brings you the aromatic flavours of home cooked food right to your home. With true heritage slow cooked recipes passed on from generations; Sure to remind you of your grandma’s cooking and our rich Indian heritage of full flavoured spices.

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      Be transported back to your childhood memories and aromas, Samelkara promises to make grandmothers’  proud everywhere! Experience a special menu carefully prepared for Delivery and Catering.

      Samelkara boasts a humble menu of combo meals to satisfy your soul when it comes to cravings of a hot home cooked meal. Their delightful offerings include ghee rice, methi chicken, Mysore Royal’s chicken biryani and a mutton coriander pepper.

      Samelkara has created a menu for Delivery and Catering, keeping our fast-paced-lifestyle-demand in mind. They have successfully ensured that “grandma is proud” of the food that is brought to your desk.

      Sindh Kitchen

      Sindh Kitchen is a melting pot of North West Frontier food. Experience tediously prepared Peshawari cuisines, exotic dishes slow-cooked to perfection at high temperatures in an earthen tandoor. Crafted from traditional recipes, these dishes are prepared from fresh ingredients, finest cuts, crisp herbs and aromatic spices.

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      Inhale the aroma from a tapestry of spices that are infused in every signature dish.  The cuisines are exploding with flavour. Relish creamy gravies, identify tasty notes and zestful flavours being brought alive. A true example would be their crispy coriander paneer or creamy butter chicken.

      Sindh Kitchen is unique to our sub-continent, the atmosphere is quirky and brings out the eccentricities and passing legacy of the old world North West Frontier food and decor.

      Visit Sindh Kitchens @ Indiranagar

      i Lodge Hotel, 15th Main,

      100 ft Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore


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      Visit Sindh Kitchens @ Malleshwaram

      i Lodge Hotel, No. 8,

      Sampige Rd, Malleshwaram, Bangalore


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